Ranganiketan Performance in Esplanade -
Recital Studio on 23 Oct 2016

About Ranganiketan

Ranganiketan, literally translated as the ‘House of Colourful Arts’, is an authentic artistic presentation of the rich and vibrant culture coming from the picturesque ancient land of Manipur in Northeast India. It depicts the graceful mellows of devotion in performance through its wide repertoire of cultural arts presentations, from rhythmic drumming to folk, tribal and classical dances, to scintillating martial arts displays as well as soulful vocal and instrumental renditions.


Audiences around the world have been enchanted by not only the elegant choreography but also the beautifully hand-embroidered costumes of this unique culture. The presentation of the Manipuri cultural arts also affords local audiences with a unique insight into the cultural diversity of the Indian sub-continent, as the Manipuri performances are aesthetically different from the traditional Indian dance performances familiar in the region.


The Ranganiketan Manipuri Cultural Arts Troupe was established in 1989 and has travelled the globe numerous times, enthralling audiences in more than 125 venues, at international festivals, universities and colleges, as well as prestigious cultural and art centres in major cities in in North America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. In Singapore, Ranganiketan has performed at the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference, the National Arts Festival, WOMAD Festival and the Somerset International Millennium Drum Festival.