About Us

The Society for Bhagavata Culture – Promoting the Synthesis of Science and Spirituality for Peace and Harmony is our humble attempt to bring together thinkers of various scientific and religious perspectives to a common platform of constructive dialogue for the betterment of society.


The Society is working towards unifying elements of the different philosophical, cultural, scientific and religious paradigms as the basis for world peace and harmony while at the same time creating awareness of the ultimate reality and purpose of life.


Our main objectives are:

  • To promote better understanding of science and religion for the benefit of mankind.

  • To promote dialogue between scientists and spiritual leaders and to explore how their interactions can solve problems in both science and religion for a safer world. 

  • To promote inter-religious dialogue with the aim of creating a culture of learning, mutual respect, cooperation and awareness of various religious traditions in order to enhance peace and harmony.

  • To bring people together and share the unique cultural presentations of traditions with deep historical roots.